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Fast-track VTCT Level 4 Laser & IPL

This Fast-track course is suitable for therapists who have previous experience using a laser machine and performing laser treatments in both skin rejuvenation or hair removal.

The VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatments (QCF) is an advanced qualification that has been specifically designed for beauty therapists.

This certificate is a vocationally related qualification and is focused on reducing hair growth and photo rejuvenation of the skin using intense pulse light and laser treatments. This qualification requires you to develop skills to carry out IPL and laser treatments.



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Massage Diploma Level 3 ITEC (Online)

Diploma in Massage Level 3 ITEC Online is a fantastic qualification to start your career in massage if you are very busy and can not attend regular lessons.

The course includes five days of practical training spread over 3 months plus full access to online videos for you to practice away from our academy. 

We have had students from all over UK attending and completing this course with us.  We are proud of having 100% pass rate with ITEC so by choosing to train with us you can be assured of the good start to your therapy career.

It is also more cost effective and currently the cheapest option available in the market.  (If you find similar course for less than our course fee please let us know and we will price match for you)

This course have an attendance module of 5 days for practical massage training and one day for pre exam assessments. Dates will be informed to you after enrolment.  These can be either weekend or evenings or term time holidays.

You will have access to your tutor via email during the duration of the course.

You can open up your business, shop or find employment after this course.  This course enables you to become full qualified and recognised massage therapist in your own time and at your own pace. Lots of students come to us to retrain as previously mis sold qualification that are not of required national vocational standards.  This qualification enbales you to work or open up your own massage business anywhere in UK or in countries recognising ITEC qualifications (over 35+ in the world currently)

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Sports Massage Level 3 ITEC (for L3 Massage Therapists)

Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy Level 3 ITEC  is a fantastic qualification to start your career in the growing sports industry. Once qualified you will be able to earn between £35-£45 per hour for massage treatment. You will be fully qualified as per industry standards and can chose to apply for jobs or start up your own business.

The ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy is a vocational qualification recognised by Ofqual within the Qualifications and Credit Framework. The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council,  which maintains a national list of practitioners that work with NHS, recognises this qualified.

It is also recognised by Sports Massage Association.

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Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 ITEC

Enjoy learning about human body and its systems in class and with other like minded individuals.  An excellent course which is lead by our Sports Massage tutor who is great in teaching Anatomy.


The course covers:


  • Cell Structure

  • Skin Cellular Composition

  • Muscular and Skeletal Systems

  • Cardiovascular - Heart and Blood Circulation

  • Lymphatic System - Lymph glands and production of Tissue Fluid

  • Neurological System - Brain and Nervous Tissue

  • Endocrine System - Main endocrine organs and role of hormones

  • Respiratory System - Lungs and air pathways

  • Reproductive system

  • Urinary System - Kidneys and water metabolism

  • Related pathologies of these systems

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Beauty Therapy Level 3 ITEC

The purpose of Affable Therapy's Diploma in Beauty Therapy  Level 3 is to enable learners to provide advanced beauty  treatments to their clients.

The Aesthetics industry is fast growing and in order for students to do laser and other advance treatments, this course is essential.  Without this qualification you can not provide  your clients with the  body and facial electrical treatments that are  very popular these days.

These advanced  treatments are very lucrative.  On average an advanced facial can cost anywhere from £70 upwards. The avearage price for a normal  facial  is £35.  So you can imagine that your per hour income will nearly be doubled by your ability to provide these treatments.

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Natural Bamboo Facelift Diploma

Be at the forefront of holistic beauty innovation.  Learn this exciting new technique of use of bamboo sticks to produce a plumping and lifting effect on clients who do not want to go through invasive procedures.

The effect of the technique can be seen after one treatment however your clients will need a set of treatments to produce visible lasting results ensuring repeat business for you.

Completing holistic and can be applied with little or no product on the skin.

You can market it as organic facelift with little or no product or use more active ingredients like collagen to massage your clients.

Indeed a versatile technique and a must have in your therapy portfolio.

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Diet and Nutrition Diploma Level3 (Online)

The main aim of the ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Diet and Nutrition for the Complementary Therapist is to enable candidates to provide healthy eating and lifestyle advice for their clients they already treat for another therapy. 

It is an international qualification.

This course is an  ideal accompaniment for any complementary therapy.  It helps to enhance your knowledge of nutrition so that you can advise your clients more effectively.


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Introduction to Aromatherapy

This introduction to aromatherapy course is great for beginners who want to learn about aromatherapy. It is also perfect for those who  would like to do it for friends or family or who would like to start a career in aromatherapy in f uture.

It is a practical session where you will give aromatherapy massage, you will need to bring a towel with you on training days.

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Massage Level 3 NVQ Certificate

The VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Beauty Therapy Studies (Massage) (QCF) is a technical level qualification that provides learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills to work as a massage therapist.

This qualification is based on Habia National Occupational Standards (NOS) and is recognised by the UK's largest beauty and complementary therapy trade body/professional association i.e. The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and also the UK's second largest association representing beauty and complementary therapy employers; the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC).

The content of this qualification is comprised of all the required elements to work effectively as a massage therapist including health and safety, client care and communication and body massage incorporating anatomy and physiology and client consultation skills.

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Assessors Award Level 3 VTCT (Previously A1 Assessors Award)

Affable Therapy Training Assessors course is ideal if you are looking to start assessing.   Level 3 Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment (QCF) is a theoretical qualification intended for those who wish to gain an understanding of the principles and practices of assessment without any requirement to practice as assessors.


The qualification is suited to vocational / practical courses.

Most teaching places require you to have a basic teaching plus assessor qualification in order to be able to teach NVQ or QCF courses.

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Beauty Therapy Level 3 NVQ

Enhance your skills and learn to offer healing 'life force' massages and electrical face & body treatments. This course is ideal for therapists wanting to upgrade their qualification level from 2 to 3. The purpose of this qualification is to develop your skills in beauty therapy to a high level of occupational ability, to enable you to perform your own salon services.


Get qualified in intimate waxing the most sought after treatment currently and also eyelash extensions.


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Microdermabrasion (face and body)

Microdermabrasion is a popular system of pushing specially refined crystals to exfoliate dead skin cell and promote renewal of new skin cells. This results in a youthful and glowing appearance. It is especially beneficial for clients who have acne scars, sun damaged skin, blackheads and white heads, enlarged open pores, skin pigmentation, stretch marks, excess oil production etc. Microdermabrasion will allow you to get into the technologically advanced cosmetic procedure industry.

You will learn how to do microdermabrasion facials and body treatments offer your customers more deeper and longer lasting effects.

This course is a perfect additional to your skill set. Advice and guidance on equipment available and which is best suited for your needs will be given as part of the course.

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Massage Diploma Level 3 ITEC

Diploma in Massage Level 3 ITEC is a fantastic qualification to start your career in the growing massage industry.Once qualified you will be able to earn between £35-£45 per hour for massage treatment.  You will be fully qualified as per industry standards and can chose to apply for jobs or start up your own business.The ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Massage is a vocational qualification recognised by Ofqual within the Qualifications and Credit Framework. The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council,  which maintains a national list of practitioners that work with NHS, recognises this qualified. This qualification is NVQ Level 3.


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Reflexology Diploma Level 3 ITEC (for qualified therapists)

An excellent vocational qualification recognised nationally and internationally. The course is designed to prove occupational competency for employment and is accepted by the national Complementary and Natural Health Care Council and Association of Reflexologists.

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Spa Treatments Diploma Level 3 ITEC (Beginners)

The main aim of the Spa Treatment Diploma Level 3 ITEC is to enable student to provide treatments for the purposes of relaxation and stress release.  The course includes various Spa Treatments such as body wraps and different types of massage.  It also includes knowledge of maintaining spa environments and appealing to the five senses to provide ultimate client relaxation.    In this course you will learn six body treatments at a level 3 at an internationally recognised level -  plus a host of other skills to help you get a job you want be it on a cruise ship or have your own spa. Affable Therapy Training Spa Treatment Level 3 Diploma is essential for anyone wishing to further their career in the spa industry.

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