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Body electrical treatments help our clients with circulation, lymphatic drainage, skin condition, muscular tone, ageing and hydration / moisture levels.

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In this course you will learn:


  • Use of electrical equipment such as Electro muscle stimulator EMS (Faradic), Galvanic, Micro current, Vacuum suction, micro dermabrasion, Infra-red, and mechanical massage / vibrator / treatments.
  • Adapt various body electrotherapy treatments to suit the needs of the clients.
  • Learn about various body types e.g. mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph and how to use body electrical treatments for them.
  • Legislation related to body electrical treatments.


Duration: 1 Day



At Affable Therapy Training, we understand the need to conduct classes in small groups.  We also understand that learners learn differently therefore course material is delivered in various ways, e.g. PowerPoint  presentation, group work, detailed course manual with diagrams, other activities to keep learners engaged throughout the day.  Our teachers are qualified and have years of experience in their chosen field.  They bring their knowledge and passion to the class to inspire and encourage the learners.  Lessons are carefully planned around learner needs making our courses very effective.

To do this course you will already need to have a Facial Electrical  Diploma.


It is recommended that Candidates should have achieved a level of education equivalent to five GCSEs grades A* to C prior to commencing the Diploma in Facial Electrical Treatments. However, exemptions may be made for adult returners with appropriate experience.




  • Tutor led practice
  • Detailed Course Manual
  • Course Certificate
  • Friendly and safe learning environment
  • Professional training facilities
  • Use of oils / machine /  towels etc on the day
  • Tea/Coffee throughout the day.

There is no exam fee for this course, the assessment is done on tutor observation. Upon successful completion you will receive your Diploma,  which is insurable by the Guild of Beauty Therapists.



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