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Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Massage is a critical part of prenatal care. Massage given to a pregnant woman can help to relieve muscle aches, sore back, leg cramps, joint pain, swollen ankles and feet, reduce heaviness in the pelvic bones, reduce anxiety and depression, facilitate labor outcomes and improve the health of the newborn.

Pregnancy massage differs from general massage as certain pressure points in the body should not be stimulated during pregnancy. Applying pressure or massaging ankles and wrist can cause the uterus to begin contracting. Additionally, the massage therapist must factor in the baby and provide the pregnancy massage with utmost sensitivity and care. Swedish massage is highly recommended during pregnancy as it helps to heal different skeletal discomforts and circulatory changes brought on by hormonal changes during pregnancy.

pregnancy massage

Hormone Regulation
Hormone levels are typically skewed in a pregnant woman. Massage therapy leads to improved mood, it elevates hormones associated with relaxation. Hormones such as dopamine and serotonin levels are increased which leads to a feeling of happiness. Stress hormones such as cortisol and norepinephrine are reduced. cardiovascular health is improved, lowered levels of depression. Regular massage incorporated into prenatal care, lowered instances of birth complications. Fewer complications in newborn such as underweight new born.

Reduction of Swelling
Pregnancy is also associated with swelling of the joints. Pressure exerted by the foetus carrying uterus on blood vessels, and accumulation of fluids in joints. Massage therapy is effective in removing tissue waste, increasing blood circulation and stimulating soft tissues to prevent collection of fluids in swollen joints.

Reducing Nerve Pain
During late pregnancy the uterus exerts a greater pressure on the lower back. This leads to pain of the sciatic nerve. Pressure is also exerted on the upper and lower leg that causes swelling. It also exerts a lot of pressure on the associated nerves. Massage is extremely effective in reducing pain of the sciatic nerve during pregnancy.

Precautions For Prenatal Massage
Before getting a massage women should discuss their pregnancy with the massage therapist. It is recommended that they get massage from high experienced and knowledgeable professional. Being fully informed is the best way to prevent the risk associated with prenatal massage.

Ideal Time for Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage may be given during the second, or third trimester. Consult your massage therapist as many facilities prefer to give massage after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Women in the first trimester may show higher chances of miscarriage.

Consult prenatal massage therapist
Get a pregnancy massage from a qualified prenatal massage therapist. Massage therapists who are qualified above level 3 or more are eligible to pregnancy massage. Certified  prenatal massage therapists are knowledgeable and know how to address specific requirements during a pregnancy massage. Qualified prenatal massage therapist may also offer pregnancy reflexology and baby massage.

Massage received during pregnancy is very important for the overall health of the pregnant women. Massage therapy incorporated into prenatal care is a great way to supplement the physical and emotional well-being of the pregnant woman.