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Makeover Your Career with ITEC Sports Massage Level 3 Certificate

The facet of sports massage therapy is booming rapidly. Sports massage can be used as an effective way to improve pre-event preparation as well as to minimize recovery time for athletes. It is that form of massage which the health conscious people always want to experience to explore its plethora of benefits, from enhancing flexibility to improving stamina and healing injuries. You can makeover your career with Sports Massage Level 3 ITEC conducted by Affable Therapy if you aspire to practice it professionally. As the course is specifically targeted for the beginners, you can opt for it to get acquainted with the basics of sports massage therapy. Look into a brief overview of ITEC Sports Massage Level 3, scribbled out down below  –

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Learn uncountable benefits of sports massage:
For a layman, like every other form of massage, the sports massage too translates to relaxation and wellness. However, as the name suggests, sports massage is somewhat a bit different, as it’s much more rigorous and energizing in its form.

From famous sportspersons to athletes and the occasional joggers, anybody can count on the benefits of sports massage. The techniques of Sports massage may vary as per the different requirements. It focuses on body parts that are highly stressed  and overused due to the  repetitive and frequent aggressive body movements.

The body movement around your joints can be perked up by the muscle stretching used in a sports massage. Today, a majority of us are suffering from muscle soreness and joint stiffness. The strokes used in sports massage aim to target the muscle-tendon junctions for lessening muscle soreness/stiffness, thereby improving the hip-flexor strain. Muscles strains can result in the serious ailments, if not taken care of when there is still time.

The  incorporation of some arduous exercises or a brisk walk in your daily routine can help you get rid of muscle strains. However, owing to our head-pulling tight schedule, we end up being unable to squeeze time out for a daily workout. This is where, a sports massage comes into play. It can help prevent muscle strains that you experience due to lack of fitness. These apart, a sports massage can also aid eliminate the waste products that upsurge within the muscles during workouts. It ensures a quick recovery by improving the uptake of nutrients and oxygen. A very rejuvenating, sports massage is a key to improving blood flow, stimulating the nervous system, increasing flexibility, reducing stress and improving performance.

Areas to be covered by Sports Massage Level 3 ITEC:
1. Sports massage theory
2. Hands-on session to practice
3. Pre-event sports massage
4. Post-event sports massage
5. A brief overview of the history and development of sports massage
6. Information on how sports massage work
7. The uncountable benefits and principles of sports massage
8. Massage contraindications

Accreditation and entry requirements:
Sports Massage Level 3 ITEC is especially targeted for the beginners who want to become  professional sports massage therapist. The learners are advisable to achieve a level of education equivalent to five GCSE’s at grade A – C  before pursuing the sport massage courses in London.